We are a one stop shopping centre providing exclusive bridal, party wear and other necessities to give you an exclusive shopping experience.

“The Soho Road Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led partnership situated in the well-established business and shopping district of Soho Road. Recognized for its diverse community, the BID aims to deliver a range of benefits to the area. The BID is supported by a board of management directors representing various industries, such as travel, wholesale, hospitality, professional services, community, fashion, education, media, and retail. You can reach out to the BID directly through their website or their social media accounts on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The area is renowned for its diverse range of businesses, including Indian, Pakistani,Caribbean, Kurdish, Chinese stores and so on, making it a magnet for shoppers from all over the UK and internationally. The BID’s efforts contribute to the inclusive and sustainable economic growth of the area, reflecting its status as a commercial powerhouse and a cultural zone.”





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What we do

“We feature businesses on the Shop Soho Road website, providing them exposure to a wider audience” .


Connect People

We are actively building relationship with the people and organizations through various initiatives such as events, traditions, online promotions etc.

Marketing and promotion

We engage with the businesses in marketing and promotional activities to increase the visibility, attract customers and create a positive brand image within and outside the community.

Create Opportunities

We create and participate in networking opportunities to build relationships with other businesses,organizations and community members which can lead to collaborations, partnerships and increased support for business.